How to use app without downloading themπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜±πŸ˜±

Hello guys…

I am back with new post and today I will tell you that how can you use apps without downloading them. You knew that If we want to use any app like photo editor so we have to download it from play store and then we can use that app and after using that app we think that app is not useful for us so we uninstall it again and our data wasted. So now play store gives us a feature that we can try that app and If that app is useful for us then we can download it. So I show you that how you can enable play store’s new try now feature just follow these easy steps..

Step 1.

Just go to your play store and go to settings. Here you can see play store version so tap on it and confirm your play store is up to date.

Step 2.

Now update google chrome, google app and google play services for a new version.

Step 3.

Now go to your settings and select google and there you can see a new option available now its name “instant apps”. Click on that option and click yes I’m in.

Step 4.

Now you are ready to use play store’s try now feature. Go to play store and select any app there and there you can see a new option try now so try that app before installing it and save your data..

So these are the easy steps you can do and try apps without downloading now not every app gives this feature but some time later every app gives that feature.

So thanks for reading. I will see you in my next post till then keep happy and keep smiling..



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